Saturday, November 21, 2009

Major Diseases - One Solution !!!


In today's scenario, I think most of the major diseases like Lung Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, etc. which is affecting specially Youth are because of Chewing Tobacco & Smoking, & it become so common & fashionable that they don't even think of its worse effect, instead they feel that they are enhancing their reputation by consumption of these things, which i think is wrong at all.

One solution which i think can be implemented to stop these :-

Govt. should increase the price of these products to a tremendous amount, for e.g. currently a cigarette is costing around Rs.3 to Rs.10 per stick & a tobacco is between Rs.1 to Rs.15 per packet, which i think should be increases to Rs. 50 to Rs.100 per cigarette stick & a tobacco packet, in this way most the people will stop consuming it because of its higher price & if they are still continuing then atleast govt will get higher revenue.

But one thing govt. should also implement while increasing their prices that the extra prices should be directly submitted to Govt. by those companies which are making these things then only this idea will be fully implemented because Govt. can utilized that extra money for those who are not consuming this things but they are still getting affected because of them (those who are consuming).

In this way, both phase of this idea is useful, either public will live longer life by not consuming these things or higher revenues will be received by Govt. which can be utilized to improve other things around us.

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