Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Solution to Caste Discrimination

Hi Friends,

       In today's scenario, one of the major issue is Caste Discrimination, because of which many people didn't able to live life with full dignity, unable to get equal education rights, equal opportunities in job market, etc.

As i know, People know someone's caste by his/her Sir Name i.e. his second name like,

Ashish Bhatia - Bhatia represents Punjabi,
Shobhit Gupta - Gupta represents Baniya,
Lokesh Tewari - Tewari represents Pandit,
Gopal Bisht - Bisht represents Rajput.n Many more....

Solution :-

I think to overcome this issue, people should STOP writing his/her Sir Name, instead of that people should write name as,
His Name -- Father Name ---

If both names are matching to someone, in that case add grand-father name after father name & so on.

In this way i think no one will be able to judge whether person is Baniya, Pandit, Punjabi, Rajput, etc.


It also helps in solving another major issue i.e. reservation,
because after this, we don't have to define % quota for SC/ST/OBC,  as we are unable to judge who's SC/ST/OBC or General.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Benefit from Global Warming

        In today's scenario, one of the major issue is Global Warming because of which the temperature around us increasing day-by-day & soon the temperature will reach to such an extent that it will become impossible for human to survive, so there should be something to be done to overcome it.

Solution :-
        One thing, which i think can be done, There should be Solar-Panels between the Two Street Lights at the side of the Road, like as shown

So that we can utilize the solar energy more effectively.

& also now-a-days all the Company Buildings are Glass Coated from the outside, so we can also put Sun-Glass Coating, which helps us to save lots of natural, fossil fuels & many more other resources.

           In this way, I think we are making profit from the total loss i.e. whether we apply this thing or not, sun rays will still heats the earth & global warming will remain increasing but after applying this we'll start saving lots of fuels which helps to eliminate this danger a little bit.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Major Diseases - One Solution !!!


In today's scenario, I think most of the major diseases like Lung Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, etc. which is affecting specially Youth are because of Chewing Tobacco & Smoking, & it become so common & fashionable that they don't even think of its worse effect, instead they feel that they are enhancing their reputation by consumption of these things, which i think is wrong at all.

One solution which i think can be implemented to stop these :-

Govt. should increase the price of these products to a tremendous amount, for e.g. currently a cigarette is costing around Rs.3 to Rs.10 per stick & a tobacco is between Rs.1 to Rs.15 per packet, which i think should be increases to Rs. 50 to Rs.100 per cigarette stick & a tobacco packet, in this way most the people will stop consuming it because of its higher price & if they are still continuing then atleast govt will get higher revenue.

But one thing govt. should also implement while increasing their prices that the extra prices should be directly submitted to Govt. by those companies which are making these things then only this idea will be fully implemented because Govt. can utilized that extra money for those who are not consuming this things but they are still getting affected because of them (those who are consuming).

In this way, both phase of this idea is useful, either public will live longer life by not consuming these things or higher revenues will be received by Govt. which can be utilized to improve other things around us.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Many Issues One Solution...


Today while going to office & conversing with an Auto driver, Suddenly a thought strike that we are dividing India into 2 parts - Metro/Non-Metro,  & because of which most of the issues are arrising like - Crime, Women Security, Traffic, Illiteracy, Corruption, Rape Cases, etc.

This is happening because we are concentrating only on the development of some of the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. which we call as Metro Cities now, but in India other cities are also there, &

We or Govt. should also think about development of those cities, which i think can be achived by providing some benefits/rebates to private companies, so that they can open there branch in non-metro cities also,

In this way, people can stay at the native place & get a good job, which helps in reducing crime, rape cases, traffic, corruption, etc. because most people are afraid of doing anything wrong atleast at their native place since people around them know him by birth, so to maintain his/her values in the eyes of those people, they avoid doing anything wrong, which i think helps in complete elimination of certain issues.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Ways to Save Electricity

Hi Friends,

    In today scenerio, Electricity is one of the major need of human being like we require it in offices, home, etc. & we are now so depedent on this, that if its not there for 5 minutes then we start feeling uncomfortable,
Its demand is increasing very rapidly.

So we need to find out the other ways to generate it or to save it from wasting like i've seen in ROADS, where street lights (which is at divider of the road or at road side) are ON unneccessary & they are also too close to each other, I think those lights (Hilogens) are of very high rating i.e. they consumes lots of power.

I didn't mean that i don't care for the public or vehicles on road but do think that vehicles do have there own light, so why they require more light to see the road or traffic & if we turn off those hilogen then we are saving lots of power, which can be utilized in remote areas (Villages) which are still waiting for Electricity.

& the requirement of the road light can be completed by putting some devices on road which generates electricity of their own like Piezo-Electric Devices (which generates electricity on pressure or movement), so whenever vehicle passes over them they generate electricity, not too much but i think sufficient electricity to see the road & also if we place them in some particular design then we use them to show the ways on the road also, as shown in figure below,

In this way, i think we can remove all the hilogens on road permanently & save lot of power OR atleast we can place those hilogens at a distance of 1 Km apart from each other instead of 100 meters (at present), in this way also we are saving power of 9 Hilogens, which i think helps to lit atleast one village for sometime.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ways to Resolve Hindu-Muslim Issues

Hi Friends,

     In today scenerio, one of the major issue is RELIGION among people, they are even ready to kill others in the name of religion.

Has anybody thought, all religions are same with different name, & all religion give the same message, which is PEACE. then why people fight in the name of religion,

One solution which i think :-
There should be a common place where all religion people can meet with each other, i mean there should be one building which has a Church, Mosque, Temple, Gurudwara, all at one place & there should be single entry & single exit, so that when a person comes to visit his religion then he/she has to visit other religion also because the exit is at the other end, as shown in figure.

Initially it seems impossible because no one supports it but atleast we can give it a try to improve things around us
& it will be benefited in 3 ways,

  1. Different religion people meets, which helps to build up a good relationship among each other.

  2. People knows more about other religion & may be then they reliase there is no use of fighting atleast in the name of religion.

  3. The terrorist wont attack at that place because the people of their religion will also be there, if they are attacking in the name of religion.

More views are expected.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ways to Control Pollution ???


In present scenerio, i think the major issues is POLLUTION & public should think seriously about this,

One solution which i think is public should start doing "VEHICLE POOLING" i.e if suppose Rajesh is going somewhere & if Mahesh also has a same route but different destination, then after reaching Rajesh destination, Mahesh can take public conveyance to reach his place, so they both should take 1 vehicle instead of 2 seperate vehicles, in this way not only pollution can be overcome but also traffic jams issues, petrol price hike, etc. can be sorted out & brother-hood among people also increases.

Suggestions are most welcomed.