Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ways to Resolve Hindu-Muslim Issues

Hi Friends,

     In today scenerio, one of the major issue is RELIGION among people, they are even ready to kill others in the name of religion.

Has anybody thought, all religions are same with different name, & all religion give the same message, which is PEACE. then why people fight in the name of religion,

One solution which i think :-
There should be a common place where all religion people can meet with each other, i mean there should be one building which has a Church, Mosque, Temple, Gurudwara, all at one place & there should be single entry & single exit, so that when a person comes to visit his religion then he/she has to visit other religion also because the exit is at the other end, as shown in figure.

Initially it seems impossible because no one supports it but atleast we can give it a try to improve things around us
& it will be benefited in 3 ways,

  1. Different religion people meets, which helps to build up a good relationship among each other.

  2. People knows more about other religion & may be then they reliase there is no use of fighting atleast in the name of religion.

  3. The terrorist wont attack at that place because the people of their religion will also be there, if they are attacking in the name of religion.

More views are expected.


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