Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ways to Control Pollution ???


In present scenerio, i think the major issues is POLLUTION & public should think seriously about this,

One solution which i think is public should start doing "VEHICLE POOLING" i.e if suppose Rajesh is going somewhere & if Mahesh also has a same route but different destination, then after reaching Rajesh destination, Mahesh can take public conveyance to reach his place, so they both should take 1 vehicle instead of 2 seperate vehicles, in this way not only pollution can be overcome but also traffic jams issues, petrol price hike, etc. can be sorted out & brother-hood among people also increases.

Suggestions are most welcomed.




  1. Hi Dear,
    as i think, our govt. n scientist should invent some alternative fuel other than petrol for all vehicles, like Hydrogen, coz it can be renewed within a short spam of time, and it is abdundant without any cost. By which we can overcome problem of pollution and option for pertol n diesel which will finish up one day.

    hope idea is not too bad.

  2. Hi,

    The idea is nice & i hope scientists are already doing something for it but a common should also take initative to control it,

    Tell me upto how long we blame others for any thing wrong, until n unless we take initative nothing can be sorted out.

    so to control it, some of the genius among us has to present some gr8 idea.


  3. Hi,

    I think Government should make private vehicle so expensive that a person should think 10 times before buying a vehicle of its own.


    Side by Side government should make public vehicle so easily available that a person should not think while leaving his home that how he'll reach to his destination,

    In this way we not only overcome the issue of pollution but also traffic jams, petrol price hike, umemployment, etc. issues will be sorted out simultaneously.

  4. Hi,

    One thing more can be done to avoid pollution, Government should start cycle stands like taxi stands around a city, from where a person can hire a bicycle with very minimal amount, reach to his destination & drop that cycle to another cycle stand, in this way we are not only fighting with pollution but keeping everyone fit as they are now doing physical exercise daily, which helps to increase person's immunity against diseases.

    This works like this :-

    Suppose a person starts from Point A & he wants to reach Point E, so he hires a cycle from one point & if in between he feels tired then he can stop at any point in-between say point B,C or D & take refreshment/rest & then he/she can move on to his destination.

    But 2 things to be remembered :-

    1. Different cycle stands should be half or one kilometer away from each other.
    2. Nearby cycle stands there should be some refreshment points, so that a person can visit & refresh himself for another point.