Thursday, July 2, 2009

Women Security

In today scenerio, security of women became very serious issue, they are facing lots of issues like eve teasing, etc., so there should be some means through which she can move safely from one place to another even late at night.

one way which i can think of is, she should carry some safety devices like perfumes, sprays, etc. in her purse, so she can spray it to enemy eyes & run at the time of emergency or in the mean time she can call for help.......

what do you think ???



  1. Yes, I am totally agree with your opinion..

  2. Yes, I am totally agree with your opinion..

  3. Hey Ashish,
    I agree with your point but i think that ti is the mistake of the womens that they are facing lot of issues with you have describe.
    In my opinion they should carry some devices which you have mentioned but also while walking or going somewhere they should talk to someone or pretend that she has someone is there to protect them.
    Also, i advice womens to always keep there mobile phones handy and keep dressed properly as it is also one reason for such mishappenings....

  4. Hi Hitesh,

    Totally agree with you, dressing sense plays a mojor role for all issues with women.

    i mean if u change ur dressing sense or the way u represent urself because i think a women look gorgeous when she is in punjabi suits or some simple/traditional dress as compared to western outfits like jeans, t-shirt, minis, midis, etc., because these dresses are direct invitation.

    i'm not against the trend but to wear such kind of clothes daily means u r inviting men, yes u can wear those dresses sometimes i mean when some party is there, bcoz things like this should be done sometimes so that it looks more attractive then done daily.

  5. hi dear,
    according to me, all womens should given some self protecting tarining like juo/karate/twai-kando/etc from school level, from which they can feel secure nd confident from inner side, instead of taking some devices or anything else.

  6. Hi Alam,

    I think ur suggestion is great, bcoz initial prepration always helps in future.

  7. Hi,

    I feel men tries to go beyond the limit only after finding the lady is alone. Also the dress they wear reflects there attitude and intension. It is the physic of man, which attracts him towards such ladies.

    So, my suggestion would be:
    1. Avoid roaming alone as much as possible.
    2. Dont wear anything which would attract ppl's attension.

    Though, I also agree that every one likes to dress something attactive, but its also important to understand your auidance. Dressing such thing would be appreciated in parties or pubs, but definetely not on roads.

  8. Hi,
    Another suggestion would be to store an emergency number in the mobile.
    Its called ICE (In Case Of Emergency).

    So store the number of the person who can be contacted in emergency as ICE and put in on speed dialing and set to 9 or something.
    So, when 9 is pressed for few seconds ICE is dialed and the ICE person would know something is wrong.

  9. hiii dear,

    as i thing so dressing is of utmost important issue for people intension , but now a days nothing can be predicted thus gals should move together in a group as possible as they can...
    bcoz if audience is not attentive, then definitely such kind of tease can be reduced to a certain amount..