Friday, June 19, 2009

Idea to Control Traffic

There is an idea which can help to improve the traffic in today’s scenario, where people are in so hurry that they are not ready to obey traffic light signals which increases accidents, corruption & breaking of rules.

The idea is: - We should put BARRIER at the sides of road like railway tracks which open & close according to Red & Green lights of traffic signals by setting a TIMER into that, there should be two half barrier from both end side of the road which covers the road completely.

The Benefits of this Idea are:-

People starts following traffic rules because people can break the rules but they can’t break his/her own vehicle, I mean if barrier is there in front of them then they have to stop to prevent his/her vehicle from damage.

It’s helps to prevent corruption, I mean today if someone breaks the rule then he gives some amount to the officer incharge & moves freely.

People can cross the road more safely because if barrier is there when there is red light in front of vehicle then person has to stop & the person can cross the road easily.

Government doesn’t need to build over-bridge or under-bridge, which helps to save money because now people can cross the road more safely so they don’t need any over-bridge or under-bridge & also the person who crosses the road are so lazy that if over-bridge or under-bridge are suppose 100 meter away then also they don’t bother to take that instead they crosses the road through the middle of running heavy traffic by risking there life.

Government can earn money, those barrier can be made quite wide so that government can allow different companies to do the marketing of there products by placing ads on those barriers & government can get profit from those companies.

The Disadvantages of this Idea are:-

If at any signal the barrier stops working then whole traffic gets affected, but this thing can also be overcome by applying centralized system which monitors all the traffic barriers, but make barrier semi-automatic, its because if any one barrier stops working then a person who’s monitoring or common person who’s driving, can manually open that barrier & make traffic moving & during late night when traffic is minimum, that barrier issue can be rectified.

One thing I can expect from you is that you will try to implement this idea atleast for a month or two or to certain area to see the results, otherwise we are already dealing with this traffic issue, lets be ready to face it in future also.


  1. Hi,

    Any more suggestions about the idea.

  2. Hi,

    One more thing i like to add, Govt. should place cameras on every traffic light which can judge the condition of traffic on particular side of street & according to that the traffic signals should change his state from green to red & vice-versa, & these cameras should be monitored from centralized station of a city.

    In this way we are not only controlling the traffic but we are keeping the watch on every vehicle, which helps us to track stolen vehicle easily or those vehicle who's not following the traffic rule or who's moving too fast.