Friday, October 9, 2009

Ways to Save Electricity

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    In today scenerio, Electricity is one of the major need of human being like we require it in offices, home, etc. & we are now so depedent on this, that if its not there for 5 minutes then we start feeling uncomfortable,
Its demand is increasing very rapidly.

So we need to find out the other ways to generate it or to save it from wasting like i've seen in ROADS, where street lights (which is at divider of the road or at road side) are ON unneccessary & they are also too close to each other, I think those lights (Hilogens) are of very high rating i.e. they consumes lots of power.

I didn't mean that i don't care for the public or vehicles on road but do think that vehicles do have there own light, so why they require more light to see the road or traffic & if we turn off those hilogen then we are saving lots of power, which can be utilized in remote areas (Villages) which are still waiting for Electricity.

& the requirement of the road light can be completed by putting some devices on road which generates electricity of their own like Piezo-Electric Devices (which generates electricity on pressure or movement), so whenever vehicle passes over them they generate electricity, not too much but i think sufficient electricity to see the road & also if we place them in some particular design then we use them to show the ways on the road also, as shown in figure below,

In this way, i think we can remove all the hilogens on road permanently & save lot of power OR atleast we can place those hilogens at a distance of 1 Km apart from each other instead of 100 meters (at present), in this way also we are saving power of 9 Hilogens, which i think helps to lit atleast one village for sometime.

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