Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Solution to Caste Discrimination

Hi Friends,

       In today's scenario, one of the major issue is Caste Discrimination, because of which many people didn't able to live life with full dignity, unable to get equal education rights, equal opportunities in job market, etc.

As i know, People know someone's caste by his/her Sir Name i.e. his second name like,

Ashish Bhatia - Bhatia represents Punjabi,
Shobhit Gupta - Gupta represents Baniya,
Lokesh Tewari - Tewari represents Pandit,
Gopal Bisht - Bisht represents Rajput.n Many more....

Solution :-

I think to overcome this issue, people should STOP writing his/her Sir Name, instead of that people should write name as,
His Name -- Father Name ---

If both names are matching to someone, in that case add grand-father name after father name & so on.

In this way i think no one will be able to judge whether person is Baniya, Pandit, Punjabi, Rajput, etc.


It also helps in solving another major issue i.e. reservation,
because after this, we don't have to define % quota for SC/ST/OBC,  as we are unable to judge who's SC/ST/OBC or General.

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  1. How would it resolve the issue for
    Abdul and Charles ???
    I hope you getting my point.

  2. Hi Nikhil,

    Its about overcoming the caste discrimination, & for overcoming religion discrimination, just check out the other post i.e. "Ways to Resolve Hindu-Muslim Issues"