Friday, May 29, 2009

Petrol Price Hike


I think as the petrol price are increasing day-by-day, so there should be something to be done for it, & as per me the Govt. should impose a rule(on a trail basis for a month or two) that until n unless there is a requirement nobody should take his 4 wheeler, i mean if there r only 2 persons then why its required to take 4 wheeler, so if & only if there are more than 2 person or if someone is unable to ride on 2 wheeler like old/sick people or child then only a person should take his 4 wheeler, this not only sort out petrol price hike issue but also contribute in reducing the pollution, traffic, etc.

Suggestions are most welcomed.



  1. Hi,

    No one worried about petrol price hike ???


  2. Hi,

    One easy solution which everyone can follow, just turn off the vehicle engine whenever u've to wait for more than 1 minute,

    e.g if traffic signal is RED for more then 60 Seconds or if u are waiting for someone, etc.


  3. Hi,

    According to me, companies should also run common BUS or CAB, which can cover maximum people of an area or two, &

    they can also charge some reasonable amount from employees too, in this way, no one will be in loss, not employee nor company,

    but surrounding & individual will be in profit, like lower petrol price, less pollution, less traffic, etc.

    Its not always correct to blame government, we individual can also make some changes !!!